All Service fees are Non-refundable after our supporting documents has been given out.

If any Embassy or VAC changes their rules and regulations pertaining to VISAS without any notice, we cannot be held liable.

All Visa Fees are Non-Refundable no matter what the decision is by the relevant Embassy.

The visa fee is rate of exchange dependent therefore could change.

Once your visa has been submitted it is totally out of the control of 4UKvisas and the embassy has total control thereafter.

If the embassy takes longer than the stipulated time to adjudicate a submission 4UKvisas cannot be held responsible for the extra days.

Questionnaire and Supporting Documents will only be available once our service fee has been paid.

Forms of payment is by either EFT, Cash Deposit, Credit card or Cash.

Confirmation of Acceptance of the T& C’s is done by making payment of this invoice.