Terms and Conditions

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All Service fees are Non-refundable after our supporting documents has been given out.

If the British Embassy or any other Embassy changes their rules and regulations pertaining to VISA applications without any notice, we cannot be held liable.

All Visa Fees are Non-Refundable no matter what the decision is by the Visa Section of the British Commission in Pretoria as well as any other Embassy.

The visa fee is rate of exchange dependent therefore could change.

Form of payment is by either EFT, Cash Deposit, Credit card or Cash.
Questionnaire and Supporting Documents will only be available once our service fee has been paid.

Once your application has been submitted it is totally out of the control of 4UKvisas and the embassy has total control thereafter.

If the embassy takes longer than the stipulated time to adjudicate an application 4UKvisas cannot be held responsible for the extra days.

4UKVisas Overview

Established in 2009

With almost 8 years of experience – our team is the best in the business.

Success Story

In May 2009 4UKvisas started in Brooklyn, Pretoria and soon the word spread and 4UKvisas became an overnight success story.

All Types of Visas

From the service our clients received it became a natural progression that we were asked to do other visas as well.

Different Types

We assist with all types of visa applications – from 6 month / 10 year to any kind of student visa.

Customer Service

Our main focus of business is providing the best customer service to our clients.

Visa Process

Our team will assist you every step of the way. We will try and make the application process as easy and efficient as possible.

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